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Diet Tips – Garlic weight loss

| May 7, 2012 | 0 Comments

Garlic is one of the best natural ingredients for your health. Every one should know that garlic does not only increase the taste in food but also increases our health as well. Garlic can help you to prevent many disease such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes… Garlic contains many healthy nutrients such as Vitamins, A, B, C and E, minerals, potassium, calcium, iron… but the most important and unique compounds that garlic has is allicin. There is sometimes doctor would recommend you to eat raw garlic to prevent and lower your cholesterol level, cancer, heart diseases… Those are all the famous information about garlic that is known worldwide. In addition, today there are many researches prove that garlic also help you in weight loss because garlic contain allicin which is one of the best compound to suppress your appetite and help you to lose weight good. Now, let’s diet tips show you how garlic aid you in weight loss and some better way to eat garlic especially for people who can’t stand its smell or its raw spicy taste.

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How is garlic used?

You can eat garlic raw or cooked, dried or powdered. It is better to start with a cook garlic if you really can’t stand it. There are also many garlic tablets and capsules for people who really can’t stand garlic. For people who can eat raw garlic, it is very good for you because raw garlic is the best among those types. If you can’t the best way to eat garlic for beginner is to fry it with a little butter to make it smell better (free fat of course) and add it into your soup or your food, little by little. Then you can cook garlic with your food and when you are used to it, eating raw is the finally step.

Composition and nature of garlic

Garlic contains more than 200 chemical compounds such as: allicin, allin, ajoene, allinase, peroxiadase… Allicin will give the antibiotic in garlic and its strong odor. Ajoene contributes to anticoagulant action of garlic. There are many other thing in garlic which is considered a very valuable therapeutic compound like allyl. Others thing like citral, geraniol, linalool, aphellandrene…. which is important to our health as well. If I go on and talk about these composition this will be like forever so, in summary you know that garlic contains around 200 chemical compound which is considered healthy to our body.

Find out How to Lose Weight Easy

How does garlic help in weight loss

As diet tips said above, garlic act as an appetite suppressant, which will help you to eat less and maintain your weight loss. By giving signal of satiety to your brain when you consume garlic you will lose some appetite and eat less food. garlic also increase your body metabolism as well, because it stimulate your nervous system to release adrenalin hormone. This will help you burn more calories and break up the store energy when you did not eat enough as it suppressed you appetite first. These are two best reason which garlic will aid you in your weight loss plan.

Recommended quantity

An average of 900mg garlic/day could decrease total serum cholesterol level by around 9%. Many dieticians recommend their customer to consume around 3 cloves a days and should not go over it. Because diet tips told you before that, it does not matter how one thing is good for your body, having too much will also back fire.

There, you have realized how garlic is good for your weight loss. It is best if you act now and start to consider having garlic in your normal meal. It is easy to obtain garlic so diet tips recommend you should act now and not hesitate so that you may forget about that.

Find out How to Lose Weight Easy

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