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Weight lifting and Hemorrhoids

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First, I would like to tell you about hemorrhoids. It is symptoms which inflames or protrude veins in your lower rectum (or anus) which make you feel irritated or itchy on the anus and sometimes pain or even bleeding. It is a common symptom for middle age people. However, there are rumor about weight lifting may cause hemorrhoids.

Now we know about the symptoms, let us take a look at the question: “do weight lifting cause hemorrhoids?” The answer is yes and no, why? Because, many people who are professional weight trainers do not have hemorrhoids. The problem, which causes hemorrhoids, is not weight lifting but the people who are doing it wrong. So, what did you do wrong in weight lifting may cause hemorrhoids. It is a small step in weight lifting, which many amateurs do not pay attention to, yet it has a huge affect on both result and the cause of hemorrhoids. The next paragraph will tell you more about this.

According to many researches, hemorrhoids can be developed for people who do weight training regularly. It is said that hemorrhoids are caused when the vein near the anus become swollen, which frequently happen for people who are under weight training.

Therefore, many doctors’ and personal trainers’ advises are necessary if you want to prevent hemorrhoid when you are doing weight training. Many doctors suggest their hemorrhoids to avoid weight training because they want to prevent further irritation and developing of hemorrhoids.

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why does it happen?

So how cans weight lifting can cause hemorrhoids. It is still the same answer because of the lack of knowledge. Holding breath while doing weight training is bad not only fails to develop your strength and health but also the veins near your anus become swollen and possibly poke through your anus. This is the most popular reason why weight training can relate to hemorrhoids.

In addition, holding breath while you lift weight will make the air pressure in your lung pushed downward on your veins in the rectum and internal organs as well.


For hemorrhoids patient, the best suggestion that your doctor usually gives you is stop doing weight training while you are under treatment. The exertion of lifting weight while you have hemorrhoids will increase the pressure on your lower body and worsen your condition. According the many Health development center, your lower body will under high pressure while you are doing weight training.

However, regular and right routine weight training does not give you hemorrhoids. So, for people who have no experience for weight training, it is best that you should practice the breathing method first while you doing light weight training. For example, you should take a breath before you lift something up, and then hold it and finally exhaling completely after every repetition.

Then, after you finished the practicing period you can start doing the regular weight which best fit your physical condition. Now, you understand how important it is to do weight training the right way. It is better that you should take action now and follow the right advise from a professional trainer such as “The Truth About Six Pack Abs” or “Fat Burning Furnace

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Benefits of Exercise on Hemorrhoids

On the other hand, if you have hemorrhoids and still want to lose weight there are other type of exercise like yoga, jogging, walking, etc These are not only help you to get healthy but also prevent and relieve you from this annoying symptom. A 30 minutes walking each morning is good for hemorrhoids prevention,


Regular exercise is beneficial when you’re suffering from hemorrhoids. While weight lifting with hemorrhoids might be contraindicated, yoga and walking are good forms of exercise that can help you prevent and relieve hemorrhoid symptoms. Try taking a 30-minute walk each morning and do exercise which contract and release the perineal muscle (these are the muscles, which stay in the triangular area between the coccyx and genitalia known as Kegal exercises.

This exercise usually involves contract the perineum for four seconds then release it. It is counted as one set. You should do around 10-15 set per times and around 2-3 times for one day. After every two weeks, you should increase this time amount by two second until you reach the 10 seconds time limit.

Now, you understand that it’s not weight training that will cause hemorrhoids but it was you who are responsible for your action. It is best that you should follow a professional guide. However, for people who are afraid they may do it wrong but they still want to lose weight, you should not worry because there are other alternative such as using weight loss supplement like Phen375

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